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Maher Zain

Satu lagi hiburan nasheed yang menghiburkan dari Maher Zain. One of my favourite song is Awaken. here the lyrics,

We were given so many prizes

We changed the desert into oasis
We built buildings of different lengths and sizes
And we felt so very satisfied

We bought and bought
We couldn't stop buying
We gave charity to the poor 'cause
We couldn't stand their crying
We thought we paid our dues

But in fact
To ourselves we're just lying
Oh...I'm walking with my head lowered in shame from my place
I'm walking with my head lowered from my race
Yes it's easy to blame everything on the west

When in fact all focus should be on ourselves
We were told what to buy and we'd bought
We went to London, Paris and Costa Del Sol
We made show we were seen in the most exlusive shops

Yes we felt so very satisfied
We felt our money gave us infinite power
We forgot to teach our children about history and honor
We didn't have any time to lose
When we …

Nota2 - Kemas PC

Penyakit ilmu adalah lupa, penyakit cantik adalah riak, penyakit iman adalah kufur,

penyakit sanjungan adalah lupa diri.
Hasrat,sasaran, kehendak, azam,target dan cita2

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Ya Allah, jika Engkau kehendaki berlaku dalam sesuatu kaum itu fitnah, maka matikanlah aku dalam keadaan tidak terfitnah. [HR.Ahmad]