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Which Degrees Lead To Careers?

Which Degrees Lead To Careers?

Thinking about going back to school? A recent study finds programs that give graduates specific skills in niche areas are best for future employment.

Are you thinking about going back to school and wondering what to study?The best advice may be: Think specific.
According to a recent report, going niche and honing your skills for a specific career are the keys to expanding your job prospects.In its 2010 trend report on the hottest career options for college graduates, the University of California at San Diego Extension used enrollment data, national employment statistics, and interviews with business executives to find the hottest careers for recent college grads.

To help back-to-schoolers, we've pored through the data and matched the hot career trends with the right degrees - so you can start training for the right job... right now!

Hot Job #1 – Video Game Development

According to UCSD Extension, an estimated 200 million people play video games online…

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