The 5 risks you should always consider when protecting data

We've all seen ads from insurance companies promising protection from an assortment of oddball circumstances for "just pennies a day." You can't beat the insurance industry for knowing the real odds and pricing its products accordingly. On the other hand, you don't buy insurance because it's cheap; you buy it to protect yourself against a given set of risks.
If the right risks aren't addressed, then price is irrelevant. Like other IT functions today, data protection has become much more specialised. This is the direct result of an expanded awareness of the variety of risks, increased levels of user expectations and the growing range of technology options available to address specific problems. As a result, the way we approach risk and risk-related services also needs to evolve. We need to think about the likelihood and impact of various risks and the kinds of “coverage" we need.
Thankfully, this E-Guide from does exactly that. Check out this guide to learn how to assess what risks your company is facing, and how to make sure you’re protected against them. Learn about 5 risks you should always consider when protecting data, as well as how to protect against hidden threats. 

The time to make sure you’re protected isn’t after disaster strikes – read this guide to make sure you’re covered today. 


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