Ways to Him..

Way to HIM
Suggestions to Setyou on the Way To Allah

1. Startoff each day with 'adhkaar al-istiyqaadh' (waking up Supplications), thankingAllah for waking up in good shape.

2. Put Allahfirst in your life.

3.Broaden your horizons - learn 5 new verses from the Quran every day,
travel topray far in the mosque to brighten your day, take up a booklet
havingsupplications and read them.

4. PraySalaat Al-dhuhaa (after sunrise).

5. Ifsomeone says something mean ;to you, just shrug it off and dismiss
it in afriendly, laidback manner, and pray that Allah shall forgive them.

6. Whenyou get angry, remember Allah, and how short and worthless life
is towaste in being Angry.

7.Remember that you can never have too many friends, but you can have
fewquality friends that help you fulfill the purpose of your creation
(i.e.live for Allah).

8. Whenyou're happy, try to share your happiness with others. Thank Allah for that,and pray its continuation.

9. Whensomething bad or embarrassing happens to you, just think that it
couldalways be worse, remember the reward of patience, and thank Allah
that it'snot worse than it is.

10. Dosomething extra of goodness once in a while, like feeding a poor
person,or caressing an orphan's head.

11. Neverstop believing that you can win Allah's love and thus work For
it. Thenyou can win the love of Allah's slaves.

12. Spendsome time thinking of Allah's amazing creation.

13. Alwayslove those who love Allah unconditionally. This way you will
ensurethat you live for Him, love for Him, and hate for Him(those who
areenemies of Him).

14. Findthe righteous ways to express yourself, and if you think that
what youare about to say shall cause no benefit, maintain silence (this

15. Everynow and then, give yourself a break. Play sports, give time to your family,friends, but always remember Allah and watch that He is watching you.

16. Prayfor blessing to come to those being lost, and pray to Allah to
guidethem to the right path.

17. Hugyour parents, kiss their hands and heads and always obey but
stop atAllah's orders.

18. Smileto everyone, for your smile makes a big difference to him or
her andyou are rewarded.

19.Forgive, forget and smile.

20. Tearsare not for women only… tears are for all human beings with feelings remainingin them. Don't restrain your tears when remembering Allah.

21. When peoplecriticize your actions and effort, revise your actions and see if they pleaseAllah or no. If they do; then ignore and remember how the Prophet (SAAW) andthe Sahaba were criticized, made fun of and even physically harmed, so havepatience.

22. Readthe Quran daily and try to have a schedule for completing it as
much asyou could. As you open the Quran daily, read with observing not
justpassing your eyes through the words.

23. Don'tlet popularity go to your head, for it never lasts and you may lose from itmore than gain.

24. Neverlook down on anybody, for, to Allah, they may be better than you.


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