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A balance diet simply means consumption of a variety of food in appropriate quantities. Excess of any food can be harmful to your general well-being. Hence, choose a healthy lifestyle and dietary habits by including different kinds of food from each of the food groups every day. Mix and match your food choices and portions through the day to meet the recommended number of servings. It is variety that matter, not the exact quantities!

Malaysian Dietary Guidelines

- Be physically active everyday
- Maintain your body weight in a healthy range
- Eat a variety of food within your recommended intake
- Eat adequate amount of rice , and other cereal product
(Preferable whole grains) and tubers
- Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables everyday
- Eat moderate amounts of fish, meat, poultry, egg, legumes & nuts
- Drink plenty of plain water daily
- Consume adequate amount of milk and milk products
- Consume food and beverage low in sugar
- Consume safe and clean food and beverages
- Limit intake of foods that are high in fats and minimize fats and oils in food preparation
- Choose and prepare food with less salt and sauces
- Make effective use of nutrition information on food labels

Food items Amount Calories (kcal)
Nasi goreng 1 plate 772
Indian Rojak 1 serve 752
Mee goreng 1 plate 660
Mee curry 1 bowl 516
Nasi lemak with ingredients 1 plate 507
Nasi briyani 1 plate 448
Roti canai 1 piece 301
Fried chicken 1 piece 287
Donut 1 piece 264
Apple pie 1 260
Beef burger 1 255
Chocolate cake 1 wedge 251
Beef rendang 1 piece 228
Chicken / Beef stay 6 sticks 216
Chicken pau 1 piece 199
Kuih kasui 1 piece 155
White Bread 2 slices 154
Curry puff 1 piece 153
Kuih lopis 1 piece 152
Chappati 1 piece 150
Tosai 1 piece 147
Low fat milk 1 glass 134
Rolled oats, cooked with water 1 cup 131
Pisang goreng 3 piece 131
Cola 1 can 117
Pulut udang 1 piece 111
Eggs (fried) 1 101
Kuih koci 1 piece 100
Fresh soya bean milk 1 glass 84
Teh tarik 1 glass 83
Eggs (boiled) 1 74
Apple 1 53
Banana 1 small 42


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